miércoles, 14 de septiembre de 2011

Are your jeans too big now?

I have a pair of jeans that don't fit me the way that I want. They are too baggy, I used to wear them baggy because I liked it, now I don't like them but I still don't want to get rid of them! Yesterday I came out with this idea, if you have a pair of jeans too baggy why don't you make them into boyfriend jeans? i don't own any pair with this cut, so it's a good way to recicle your own clothes! what you have to do is only roll up both legs of your jeans and vòila! you have a new pair of jeans! so what can you wear with them? I would say that if you want a more girly style go with platforms or heels and a cute t-shirt, also with flats and sandals would look really cute too! You can wear a cute flannel or shirt, and I think it would look really cute too with a blazer and a beautiful t-shirt. Do you want to wear them with a messy look? go with Converse! very cute outfit for those lazy days.

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  1. Hey CaliforniaxDreams!

    I love your blog posts! They are so fun and creative, would you like to see my blog? I just started it yesterday, so there isn't much... Haha.




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