domingo, 23 de diciembre de 2012

Last minute Christmas presents!

I made a list for those of you who are late on getting the last gifts! I just wanted to make a simple and affordable list. Many of these things you can find them anywere, probably not the same ones, but similar.
1. Books are always a good choice. There are always a type of book for someone. Biographies, cooking, make up, art, photography, advice... 
2. Socks are a classic. You can find them with a Christmas pattern or just animals! 
3. Beanies and gloves are also a very typical gift, and they are perfect for Winter –just make sure that they don't get those things every holiday!– 
4. Sweaters with cute animals or with Christmas patterns are a great present because they can wear it all year!
5. Lotions, perfumes, candles... if they like scents, this is the gift for them!
6. Does she or he own an iPad? get them a case! instead of a plain one, go for one with a pattern or picture! If they don't have an iPad, I'm sure they will have a phone or a laptop, try to find a case for any of those things.

Sometimes these presents aren't meaningful for those people... you can try to get a beautiful photo album and print pictures of the times you spent together this year, add quotes or anything you think it can make it special and leave a page or a couple to add photos you take on Christmas! :)

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  1. The Lauren Conrad book looks interesting!


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