miércoles, 29 de junio de 2011

Summer perfumes!

Hellooo! :) I'm back! and this isn't fashion related but I'm into perfumes right now, I want to tell you my two favorites for this Summer!

Calvin Klein One Summer

I tried it the other day and I LOVED IT, it smells like fruits, ok I'm going to tell you what it smells like, because I've just found it on Internet and I'm not good describing smells and I don't have this perfume hahah. It smells like: mandarin, melon, lemon, yellow freesia, peach... and more it's like the perfect Summer perfume! VERY RECOMENDED :)

Peace Love Juicy Couture
This is one of my favorites of Juicy Couture, it smells really really good, I think it's very different than the other ones, this is more fruity I think but look at the packaging, it's so cuteeee :) This Juicy perfume smells like: lemons, bluebells, sweet apple, blackcurrant, jasmine, poppy and patchouli.

Do you have any favorite Summer perfume? Have you ever tried these? :)
Have a good Summer! ^^

-California Dreams.

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