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Free fashion apps for iPhone and iTouch

I don't know about you but I spend a lot of time with my iPod apps and many of them are fashion related, so I want to show you my favorite ones! I'm trying to show you apps that are available for all the countries.

Let's start with games:
Fashion Spin, this is a Stardoll app. Yes, that website where you can dress up your favorite celebrities, make your own Stardoll... I know it sounds a bit childish... but it's fun. The game consists on spinning a fashion roulette and you get points and clothes to dress up your doll on the website. The good thing is that it's free and you don't need Internet connection to play, but if you want to transfer the clothes I think you need it. 
Fashion, I think there's an app like this in Facebook. You create an store and you start selling clothes, you get money, you expand your store... and all that stuff... it can be a little bit boring but if you don't know what to do... they are the perfect thing to spend the time :)

Fashion magazines:
Seventeen, it's an app from the Seventeen magazine. You can find clothes for different ocassions, and if you like any of these, it says the store where it's from, but if you aren't from the US you can always use it as inspiration :) You need internet connection.
Teen Vogue, this is an app from the Teen Vogue magazine. I like this one because it shows the girl of the day and you can always find some inspiration and find new blogs. You can upload your outfit aswell! You need internet connection!
Style.com, this app is from the Style.com website. You can see runway videos, photos of the collections, men's fashion, the latest fashion news and the magazine issues. You can also vote for the look of the day :) You need internet connection.

Pose, do you like outfits of the day? this one is perfect for you! You can upload your outift. If you don't like posting pictures of yourself you can always take some inspiration from there :)
Dream Closet, like it says, it's a closet. You can put any clothes you like or your own ones and make an outfit. I love this one because I always have to plan my outfits. If your iPod doesn't have a camera, don't worry! you can take a picture, transfer it to your computer and then to your iPod, and from there you can upload it :) you don't need internet connection so it's perfect! 
Chicfeed, there are two versions of this app, one it's free and the other one it isn't. I got the free one, and it's just a list of fashion bloggers and websites -The Sartorialist, Face Hunter, Jak And Jill Blog, Cherry Blossom Girl, LookBook and altamira-  and it shows their outfits. The other one it's not that expensive but it doesn't have adds and it lets you favorite the picture you want :)

-I hope you liked this post, if you want another one with Android apps, don't hesitate and say it and I'll do it :)

Picture: weheartit.com


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  1. I actually just purchased an iPhone and received a bunch of iTunes gift cards for Christmas but didn't know what apps to get - thanks for all the great suggestions! :) Have a great weekend!

    Also, just stumbled upon your blog and I love the title (I'm from California)


  3. That sounds good, yeah I've been on and off about the Seventeen one haha, too much advertising :P BTW: I switched my blog URL to whatnicolewears.blogspot.com so remember that instead of my old one please :P Haha, the old one was seriously NOT growing on me :P Thanks!


    -N :)


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