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Party dresses

Party dresses

Party dresses por californiadreams con one shoulder sleeve dresses

Hello! Christmas is here and it's time to start Christmas posts!
I decided to begin with dresses. It's very important to chose the perfect dress for that Christmas eve party or New Year's eve because you will take tons of photos!

I personally love dresses with sparkles and a tutu!
With any dress you wear, a pair of plain black pumps will always go perfect! but if you are wearing a beautiful little black dress, I suggest you to wear some colorful heels, glittery ones or with spikes! with plain dresses these type of shoes are perfect but if your dress is filled with embellishments, well, I would wear a pair of simple shoes maybe a black ones with a bow? or gold heels! In my opinion gold and silver are party "neutrals" they go with anything!

Trends you should try for the holidays: baroque, burgundy/oxblood and sequins/glitter.

It's December and if you live in the northern Hemisphere, it will be Winter! so you will need to wear a nice coat, here I give you some suggestions.

Hope you have a great time attending to holiday parties!

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