viernes, 10 de junio de 2011

Get Willow Smith Style!

Today I'm going to be inspired by a celebrity, Willow Smith. She's only 10-11 years old and she has a great taste in fashion! I think her style is very original, you don't see it everyday, right? I really love her style but there's a problem, I can't do it to myself because my style isn't that colourful! but I'm going to try how can I put her style in a everyday outfit! So let's go!

The outfit that she wore in the NSN3D premiere was very casual and cute! You wouldn't imagine her with that style but she can rock out that style with long necklaces and a cute elastic for her hair!
For clothes you can wear just a plain white-cream blazer, and plus they are very in for this season!

Blazer - Zara - €59,95

If your style is more sporty you can wear this
outfit! it seems so comfy with the sport style. You can wear this in your P.E class, gym... or an average day! :)
Hoodie - Nike - €45,99
Shoes - Adidas
Pants - Adidas

I love this style! it's soo cute! She wore it for the Grammys! I think that it's a very cute outfit but with the hightops I think it makes it very casual! You can wear it with heals or just with the sneakers that I show you from Adidas! :)
Pants - ASOS - €57,69
Top - Stradivarius - €19,95
Sneakers - Adidas
Blazer - Stradivarius - €3,95

-I know they aren't the same things, but I wanted to show how to create a similar outfit from something that you probably wouldn't wear everyday into something that you can add in your wardrove but keeping the idea of the original outfit! :)

-California Dreams.

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