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Fall/Winter 12-13 wishlist

Fall/ Winter Wishlist

Fall/ Winter Wishlist por californiadreams con party tops

I love making lists every season, that way I just focus on things that I'm very interested to add in my wardrobe instead of just getting things that I don't need.
The number one item in my list are the Chelsea boots. I have been looking for the perfect pair of Chelsea boots for a long time and I haven't found them yet. I want ones with a a comfortable heel, not too much because I want to wear them a lot, but a little bit of heel would be nice :)
I'm also looking for a pair of velvet leggings/trousers to add in my wardrobe. Velvet is going to be a must for this Winter. I would love to get a pair of red velvet pants. You should check, if you haven't yet,  the post where I show you Chloë Moretz wearing a red velvet dress from Alexander McQueen, it's so beautiful! 
Slippers are also everywhere for this winter and I just love them, they make an outfit very casual and polished at the same time. I'm looking for a pair of spiked ones but I couldn't resist to the glitter ones either... they are perfect!
I love the spiked rings! but they aren't a must have for me, I love them, but if I don't find them I will be fine :)
I'm sure the list will grow through the days and months... but right now that's all that I'm interested in :)

Out of topic, I would like to share with you some ideas that I have been thinking for the past week. I'm thinking of changing the name of the blog or making another blog. I want to get a domain and I have seen so many blogs with this similar name... and I want to make it more 'unique', but if I change it I will have to remove all the pictures tagged with the old blog name. If I decide to make another blog, I would use this one for California related things. I have a huge obsession with California and all the beaches and other places that you can find there. I have never been there so I just love looking at pictures :) I just wanted to let you know this and know your opinion :)

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