jueves, 28 de julio de 2011

Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2011

I wanted to show you some of my favorite looks that Tommy Hilfiger showed us for the Spring 2011, maybe you can get some inspiration from this and recreate your own look :) Here are my favorites:

I really like the skirt and the blazer together, for a more wearable look you can wear a shirt/blouse, that never fails! :)

What I like about this look are the shorts, you can wear everything with those and you will always look put together and casual and the same time :)

I think this blouse is perfect for the beach, I like the cut of it and just with one piece you can be glamorous and have a good day at the beach! ^^

I love how casual this look is! the white shorts with the white blouse, a jacket for hose cold days and a pair of the classic oxfords that we love :) Very casual and cute! ^^

One of my big favorites! the classic v-neck jersey, with a blouse and a cute skirt, very preppy! :)

This would be my everyday look! blazer, polo croptop and white shorts, and we can't forget the boat shoes, I love them :)

Jersey vest, cute skirt and oxfords, this is what you need to get the preppy style! :)

Let's talk about dresses, this simple nude dress with a nautical inspired belt and then for shoes, the classic boat shoes and voilà! Nautical inspired look! :)

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