domingo, 18 de noviembre de 2012

Favorite pieces to make your fall wardrobe!

Fall wardrobe

Fall wardrobe by californiadreams featuring a pea coat

Today's post is for everyone who says that doesn't have anything to wear!
I've chosen pieces that you can match with anything from the picture and have several outfits for any ocasion!
If I went out on the night time, I would wear the sequined top with the leather skirt, the ankle booties and the coat! If you don't like sequins you can always tuck the peplum flower top into the leather skirt and wear the ballet flats or the ankle booties. I don't like the combination of the leather skirt with the riding boots but I think that with the burgundy and navy jeans would look great!
With the sweater you can make as many combinations you want, I love it! It's a must have piece in my wardrobe!
Add your favorite bag and accesories and you're ready go to, now you have something to wear ;)

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