viernes, 26 de octubre de 2012

Clothing rack + leather vest + combat boots


I wish the picture above was my own clothing rack but due to the lack of space in my room, I don't see this possible for now, but in the future... who knows :)
Last Summer I was looking for a crochet vest and now I'm looking for a leather vest!
I saw how cute a white leather vest looked with many outfits and that's my goal for this Fall/Winter, but I was thinking that maybe a black one could work better for Winter...


I love this one from Zara! but it's quite expensive, so I'll keep looking :)

It has been raining a lot lately so I had to wear my combat boots all the time –I didn't want to wear riding boots because it wasn't very cold outside and I don't have rain boots– so I have been wearing a lot of leather, burgundy, camo, black... it was something different, sometimes I felt like Cara Delevingne wearing a 'model off duty' outfit haha.

Source: via Dreamer on Pinterest

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  1. You have a nice blog! The checked jacked is kinda cute and i also think blazers and vests in cute dark shades like dark pink and purple look great with plain tops and even tank tops!

    1. Thank you! and dark pink vest would look perfect *-*


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