domingo, 23 de septiembre de 2012

First week of college - first impressions.

Today's post I think is not going to be about fashion... I want to talk a little bit about the experience of the first week of college/university.
All the nerves I had the night before, they went out after a few minutes there. There's nothing to worry about! I went there thinking that everyone is in the same position and many people don't know each other and they are probably very nervous too.
It was like a first day of school with the typical talk but with more people! 
I have to say that I have suffered a lot of contusions and stiffness thanks to the seats... they aren't very comfortable...
Here's a little tip that helped me to meet new people: go early to class, there will be a lot of people that go early too and that way you can talk to them before the classes start :) 

Now, that the "presentation" week has finished, we will have a ton of homework, reading and stuff and I already have things to do. 
I'm trying to find a way to organize everything because suddenly, I have a lot of things to do! I just got a ton of magazines and a book that I really want to read. Let's add the texts I have to read for class... 

I was thinking, if you want me to write more things about college and fashion related tell me and I will be happy to start writing! plus, I need to improve my English skills. I'm in a English degree and I'm not native, I don't speak English as my main language, I speak Spanish so writing a lot, always helps :)

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