martes, 11 de septiembre de 2012

Colors to be happy

I was about to write a fashion post but I decided to check some blogs before. I found some cute pictures.They were very colorful with fun patterns and I started feeling very happy and excited, it was weird but amazing at the same time because I haven’t felt this full happiness in years. 

I have been reading different books this Summer about how to be happy, finding yourself...  I wanted to change that part of me that was feeling unhappy and useless. After reading all of these books I was feeling the same, like nothing changed. I tried to do the exercises the books suggested but nothing happened. And yesterday all changed, suddenly, I started feeling motivated about everything! I wanted to do things and I felt happy and I still am! :)

With all of this, I think that colors affect us. When we are having a bad day if we wear bright colors, they can make our day a little bit better. At least that’s what I think. I have been through many bad times lately and one of the best exercises is forgetting. Forget about the past –I know it’s hard– but now you have to move on, because great things will happen in the future, but first comes the present, you can make the present awesome. Focus on the present. Just try to have this in mind, when you’re feeling bad, repite it as many times as you want, at first it may not work, but if you do it every single time when a bad thing happens, you will start believing it and you will feel so much better. Another thing that may also help is writing on a paper what you want to forget and then tear it and throw it.

I don’t know if the color method works for everyone but I think it helps a little :) If you want to try it, look at Lilly Pulitzer patterns, they are so colorful and beautiful, I bet that you will feel a little bit happier and your day will be brighter :)

I made a few more pictures, you can print them if you want! 

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