jueves, 18 de agosto de 2011

The Teen Vogue Handbook

I'm going to talk you about the Teen Vogue Handbook that it was released in 2009.
I decided that this Summer was going to be about finding what I should do in the future, so this is why I got this book. I was thinking about doing journalism, I loved writing with my father's typewriter about my favorite celebrities like Emma Watson, the Olsen Twins..., but I didn't want to do the average journalism, since I'm obsessed with clothes and fashion, I though what if I'm a fashion journalist? so this is one of the reasons why I got the book, I wanted to have information about the different jobs that could be in the fashion world and get an idea about how is the job. This book gives you information of different fashion fields like designers, editors, stylists, models, beauty and photographers. Each one has interviews of the people that are in those fields, for example, in designers there are interviews with Rodarte, Marc Jacobs, Thakoon... their interviews are about how they break in to the industry and tips, at the end of each field there are also some pictures of what you need to be ready for that job, like the tool kit that you need, and also it has tips on how to break in to that job. The book is not hard to read, I mean, there's a lot of information but also has many pictures, so you can get inspired too! This book has helped me to know more about the careers in fashion because at first I was a bit lost... right now I know a bit more about these careers and what to do to reach them! :)
I would recomend you this book if you want to do a fashion career or you are lost just like me or if you like fashion and want to know a bit more about it :)

Important: I'm sorry if I made any mistake, you may have noticed that I don't speak English. I write in English because it's "the universal language" and I want to improve, also because I love to speak in English! haha

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