lunes, 15 de agosto de 2011

Maxi skirts

Today I'm going to talk about one of my newest obsessions: maxi skirts! I saw them in many celebrities like Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus. The maxi skirt creates a bohemian look but also chic if you wear it with the appropriate accesories. There are many types of maxi skirts, the ones that are so long that cover your feet and the ones that show them.

I love how Demi styled the maxi skirt creating a bohemian but also chic look with the Louis Vuitton bag. The blouse that she wears makes the look less put together but it looks very good, and the t-shirt has a pink-nude color like the skirt and with the
brown leather belt separates both pieces. I also like the play of the jewerly, she wears two gold necklaces and the same with the rings and bracelets, she also likes to accesorize the look with a hat even at night.

Miley Cyrus wears the maxi skirt with a very plain outift and it makes it even more bohemian. She's wearing a white tank-top, and a big black purse and for shoes she wears the gladiator sandals. This style is very simple but perfect for those lazy days that you don't know what to wear but you want to look good.

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