martes, 10 de julio de 2012

Some things I got... :)

I was bored and I decided to post some things that I just recently got in the sales which started this month. The only thing I was planning to get were these boat shoes / nautics from Tommy Hilfiger, they were half off!! I also needed new Summer t-shirts -especially tank tops.- I wore the lilac shirt on my OOTD and the crochet tank top reminds me of something that Vanessa Hudgens would wear :)  I haven't got too much clothing because I'm thinking of getting more jewelry, I need to update my jewelry collection but I haven't seen many things that I liked... 

... although these two caught my eye: this necklace of a hand with an eye on -I thought it was pretty cool!- and the red bracelet with studs. I'm also very surprised that I got so many red things! -I got this bracelet and a T-shirt also which I haven't shown in the pictures-

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