lunes, 9 de abril de 2012

I love Topshop!


Today I'm going to talk about another of my latest obsessions. Along Pinterest, I have developed a craziness around Topshop. We don't even have one in my city! but I love looking at the website all the time. I always find some good things that I would like to buy but I never do. So when I'm planning a trip to another city I always make sure if they have this store. I have to recognize that the prices are high, not too much but it is not cheap, for that reason I always go to the offers section, you can find amazing things! I own some stuff from this store and the quality is great. I remember going to the one in Oxford Street, London, and it was HUGE! I was overwhelmed with all the clothes they had, I admit that I almost got lost in there haha.  Have you ever been at Topshop before? what are your thoughts about it? :)

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