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How to style red pants!

Hot red pants

Hot red pants by californiadreams featuring gold watches

I have a pair of red pants that I have never worn since I bought them, I liked them at first but I didn't know how to style them. Red is one of the colors of this season, I'm going to tell you some tips to get the perfect look with them :)
T-shirts: If you don't want to be very bold with your look, I will suggest you to wear something white or black and you will never go wrong with that!
Shoes: I've just got a new pair of combat boots (and my first pair), they are black so I would wear black shoes :) Converse are a good option too, for a more casual look :) but if you like wearing heels, go for a pair of booties :)
Bags: very simple, a black purse, I think everyone has a black purse so that would go really good, or light brown, I think light brown and red look good too :)
Accesories: GOLD! go for gold, I think red and gold look perfect together :)

White, black, brown and gold are perfect for red, but if you like to try new things you can go for a red shirt and then black shoes :), if you want to get a hot and femenin look go for red and leopard print which is very in for this season :)


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