jueves, 11 de agosto de 2011

Feel the flower power!

Hello!! I was looking some pictures that I saved for inspiration and I can't believe that I hadn't written about floral patterns yet! I think floral patterns are more a Spring thing... of course you can wear them in Summer, Fall and Winter! but I prefer wearing them in Spring and Summer time.
I found these pictures and they have very similar patterns, the sunglasses are perfect for Spring and Summer, they give a more fun vibe to an outfit. You can wear a plain outfit and the flower sunglasses will look so good. About the dress, I love the cut and I love the pattern and with the matching bag it looks adorable, by the way, the model is wearing also a matching bolero jacket with the sleeves in crochet. This reminds me that I have a dress that I haven't worn yet! I need to wear it before the cold weather comes!
Enjoy the Summer! :)

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  1. You should get a Plum willow internship! They are so much fun! You would so love it! Thanks for checking out my fashion blog and leaving such a nice comment!



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