sábado, 8 de enero de 2011

Happy New Year! :)

Helloo! It's too late to say Happy New Year, I know, but this is my first entry of 2011!
I don't know where I should start... this year will be the year of the new experiences I think.. haha
I started the year eating a gofree for the first time and I watched Grease for the first time too :)
The sales in my country started yesterday and it was insane! I went shopping on the morning and I got a skirt (I was looking for one and I found it! yay!) and I got a new frame for the next time I meet the Jonas Brothers :) this year I will meet them! I'm suree! ^^ and then on the afternoon I got a slippers and a weird robe that I think it was more like a snuggie or something... so yeah I didn't buy too much because I'm not that addictive haha I love fashion but I think about what I should buy before haha.
This Monday I'll start school again... aaaw I miss Christmas.. haha I get bored but I don't like going to school haha I prefer doing nothing! hahah
Well I have to go, It's late and soon I'll go to bed.

-California Dreams.

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