domingo, 7 de noviembre de 2010

November... busy month

Hello everybody!
I wanted to share a quick update about this month for me.
November, BUSY MONTH! I'm full of exams and projects...
This week I have 3 exams, the next week one and then I'll start with the exams for the 1st term!
I need Christmas nooooowww!
Plus, Jonas Brothers haven't announced yet the European Tour and I neeeed to go, it's a must for me! haha seriously, I need to go! I think they are going to come in December (I HOPE SOOO!)
but I still hesitate about that... so the thing is: EXAMS+PROJECTS+JONAS BROTHERS= STRESS!
OMG what a negative entry! haha, let's be positive.... I don't know what it's the positive thing.. haha but I hope that I'll find it haha.
This month I'll be making changes on this blog, I've changed the background (which I don't like... so I'll change it again..) oh and I think that I'm going to be a journalist in the future! hahah I would love to do that :) so I'll "train" for it hahah I just need to find famous people haha.

Gotta go, byeee!

-California Dreams

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