lunes, 1 de noviembre de 2010

I'm going to start blogging!

Heeeey! :)
As you can see I don't write too much here, that's because:
1-I'm very busy with school (homework, studying, projects...)
2-I'm very lazy.
3-I forgot about this blog.

So, since today I'm going to start writting! and I'll try to write at least every week ^^

Well yesterday was Halloween, in my country people usually don't dress up and go trick and treating... (I know, It's boring!) but yesterday I saw so many people with costumes ^^ I was happy because maybe in a few years there will be more people doing that :D haha, anyways I dressed up as a Jonas Brothers crazy fan! hahha It was so much fun :) and we went to see a movie ^^

Today, well today I had to study a lot because tomorrow I have an exam... and then I went to the mall, I got a new pajamas and a magazine haha, when I saw the magazine I got angry because there were Nick, Joe and Justin Bieber! Ok, where is Kevin???!!!! I hate that, I hate when they only put Nick and Joe... I want Kevin too!! He's a Jonas Brother toooooo!!! ñadjsfks I hate that, sorry for that I'm just venting xD

Well I don't know what else to writee.. well yes! I have to say one more thing, today I'm feeling Jonas :) I have OJD I just want to talk about Jonas, listen to Jonas, and reading about Jonas, :P I know, I know... I'm obsessed haha but I like it ;)

OMJ I've written a looot! Gotta goo!

-California Dreams :)

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