miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2012

Changes & College/University...

Like every teenager, I'm on the process of changing; sometimes I even wonder if I'm changing too much that I'm losing myself, like the person that  I was last year is totally different from the one that I'm  right now. And that scares me.
It's not that I don't want to change, –We all need changes in our lives because if not, life would be very boring.– it's just that sometimes I don't feel comfortable with the changes, but I will try to stay true to who I am. 

I'll start college/university in a few months and these days I'm trying to prepare myself with college stuff, but the truth is that I'm not prepared AT ALL. I'm trying to get as much information as I can but I can't find answers for my questions and I don't know who I should ask.

Today I read some old Seventeen issues –I only have two...– and I came across with some college tips –I was very excited to find that!– but most of it was about dorms and roommates and things that I wasn't very interested in. Then I saw a book that Seventeen released some years ago, called Seventeen's guide to getting into college but I feel like most of it it's about all the process before college, now that "I'm in" I don't think I will need most of the information. If anyone has it, I would love to know more about the book so I can get it :) 

Well, if you read everything: THANK YOU :) 

PS: I have been thinking of making a month's favorites! I have always wanted to do one of those like many Youtubers do but I'm not sure... If I decide to do it, it will probably be up today or tomorrow :)

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  1. ah uni will be the best years of yourr life. you change so much a find a new you - it'll be fine x

  2. I remember having these thoughts - enjoy this time and get ready for some amazing times and friends you'll have for life :)

    p.s. now following xo


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