jueves, 14 de junio de 2012


Well, it's not exactly Summer right now (few weeks more and it will be!), but with Summer I mean school's out! no more exams, no more studying and no more stress for the next three months :D 
I have a ton of new ideas for the blog and I can't wait to write more often here. I don't know if I'm going to do it but I'll try to post at least more than once a week. 

Today I would like to write about my favorite music at the moment. I love Justin Bieber, I think he's an amazing singer, but I have to say that his upcoming album is going to be the best one. I love the three songs that he released and I can't wait to listen to the rest of the album! 

 As Long As You Love Me -I know Backstreet Boys song! I'm a huge fan of them too!- has a dubstep vibe which I love! I think that it's something different :)
All Around The World is perfect to dance, when I listen to that song, it puts me in a good mood and it's also VERY catchy! 
And of course I can't forget Boyfriend, I love singing it :) 


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