domingo, 27 de mayo de 2012

What did I wear for my graduation?

What did I wear for my graduation?

What did I wear for my graduation? por californiadreams con knit tops

Hello! I'm very excited for this post. Last week was my high school graduation and this is exactly what I wore -minus the pearl bracelet, it is similar but I couldn't find the exact one- The dress looks very sparkly, it has sequins but a tulle covers all of them and makes it less shiny but it still looks good! :)
The purse, I fell in love with it because it was very casual and perfect for a celebration and the stripe/handle of the purse has studs. It has two stripes one with the studs and the other one with a chain. I love this purse, this is my favorite right now <3
The shoes are very comfortable, they look good for dressing up but also for everyday. The bad side is that they burn my feet, but I know how to prevent that now :)
The cardigan is very simple and colorful. I wanted to add some color. The one that I have is more orange-coral.
The bracelet is not the same, I wore some pearl bracelets that came together on a set. They also had some charms :)

I had so much fun! What did you guys wear for your graduation or prom? :)

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