domingo, 14 de noviembre de 2010

Hello hello! :)

I'm back again :)
Last week was horrible, a lot of exams and this week I don't have many exams, but I have to study a looooot.. I just want this month to end. I need December right now!!!
And the Jonas Brothers World Tour is "over" (they said that on Twitter...) so I'm sad because now I'm starting to think that they won't come this year but I hope they come the first moths of 2011 :)
I try to stay positive :)
and I don't know what else to write..
Oh! Today! While I was watching America's Best Dance Crew I imagined some moves for Somebody To Love haha I think that I'm going to make a choreography for that song ^^ haha.
Anyways today I have to study a looot! and I want to do nothing!! haha.

Gotta go, byeee!


-California Dreams.

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